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It is easy for students to think that the summer break is all about video games and movies, but in reality, this isn’t going to help them prepare for the year ahead.

It would be fair to say that students consider summer their favorite part of the year when they are allowed to spend all day every day on the couch watching movies and double-tapping every social media post and picture on their screen. After all, this is the sole purpose of the summer break, correct? As much as students would love this to be true, in reality, spending an entire summer break like this can lead to students returning to school already behind their classmates before the lunch bell has sounded. The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ has prepared a post on the topic.

Reacting to Their Report Card

While many students finished the school year with report card glowing with high-grade, there are many more who, despite trying their hardest, wasn’t able to reach the grades they were aiming for, with a range of constructive comments from their teacher throughout their report card. And while it can be easy for a student to think of this as a negative report card, the comments left by their teachers can be a powerful resource to help a student to both improve on the previous school and prepare for the next. Begin by reading all of the comments in your child’s report card, paying particularly close attention to any common themes or comments. As an example, if your child struggled to read their work in front of the class or with general public speaking then it’s likely that more-than-one teacher left a note. Once you can identify the areas your child struggled with during the previous school year you can take steps to address it. As an example, and continuing with the above public speaking challenge, you could consider these activities:
  • From textbooks, magazines, and their notebooks, copy a range of paragraphs and attach them to treats in your kitchen and refrigerator, with a rule that the passage must be read aloud to a family member before the snack can be enjoyed.
  • Asking your children to read your mail as you drive around or complete dinner isn’t just convenient for you, but it also provides your student with a range of writing and reading styles to learn from.
  • Encouraging your child to read non-educational books over the summer break, with instances where they will read a few pages aloud, is a great way to build a positive connection with public speaking.
Of course, if your child’s struggle is in a different area, adapt these tips or create your own fun ways to incorporate small lessons into your child’s summer day. If the previous school year presented a number of challenges for your student or you are concerned that they will fall behind their classmates during the upcoming year, tutoring can help. To find out more, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ by calling (732) 705-3636.

Getting Ready for the Year Ahead

On the topic of preparing for the school year ahead, each year your child’s subjects will become more and more complex. Because of this, it’s important that students start each school year ready and confident that they can tackle the lessons ahead. Unfortunately, if your student struggled during the previous year then this can feel like an impossible task. If this sounds families, the best way to start is with a snack and a relaxed chat with your student about the nerves they are feeling and any areas where they have identified which could use a helping hand and create a plan. As an example:
  • Helping them while they review their notebooks from the previous school year is a great way to help fill in learning gaps and prepare for the lessons ahead.
  • If possible, encourage them to read ahead in any textbooks from the previous year or begin reading textbooks from the next year, in readiness.
  • Find older students who have been through the school year before, and who can provide guidance and advice on preparing for what is ahead.
When ensuring that your student is ready for the next school year, the key is to identify specific learning hurdles and address them together and well before the new school year starts, like during the summer break.

Summer Tutoring Can Help

If you are worried about your student falling behind over the summer break or they struggled with particular classes during the previous school year, one-to-one summer tutoring can help. Find out more during your free initial diagnostic assessment by calling The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen NJ today at (732) 705-3636.


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