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Help Your Child Transition Back to School With These Tips

Now that summer is over and school is starting, help your child transition back to school with these tips from��The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ.

Reestablish Old Routines

The summer months spent away from school tend to be more relaxed with less routines and rules to follow. If this was the case during your child's summer break, the return of school should also mean the return of structured routines. Although the word routine sounds limiting, giving your child's day some structure can make things move forward more easily and more effectively. Setting routines by no way means your child's whole day has to be planned out without room for spontaneity. Simply set a bedtime routine that will help your child get to bed on time every night without much stress. To create a bedtime routine start by setting a bedtime. Next, decide what needs to be done right before going to bed. This might include showering, changing into pajamas, having your child brush their teeth, and packing their backpack for the next day. A morning routine will also help your child prepare for the school day with minimal stress. Set a wake up time and decide what needs to be done before heading out the door. Be sure your child has time to eat a healthy breakfast, get dressed, and head out the door on time. Establishing these routines will help your child ease into the school year with less issues.

Schedule Daily Study Time

Studying is something that should be done regularly, not just before an important exam. When studying is left for just before an exam, it may not be effective and can actually cause added stress and anxiety. To make studying more effective, turn it into part of your child's daily routine. Schedule at lease an hour of study time each day that allows your child to go over notes and review important lessons covered in class. When exams roll around your child will be much better prepared and less stressed out. The tutors at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ can help your child transition back to school successfully this year. Give them a call at (732) 705- 3636 for more information about their academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.

Make an Effort to Get Organized

Organization is very important for a successful school year. If your child doesn't use a planner or a calendar to keep track of important dates, why not start doing so this school year? Give your child a day planner where they can write down daily homework assignments, test dates, deadlines, and important activity dates. Having all of this written down in one space can help your child get organized and feel less overwhelmed with all the important dates in their life. Encourage your child to keep their school supplies organized by helping them clean out their binders, notebooks, and backpacks every weekend. Decide what items need to be stored and what items can be thrown out. This will help your child keep track of important items for future use while removing unnecessary clutter.

Set Goals for the School Year

Whenever you're starting off a new project it's a good idea to set goals that will help you progress. This is also true when it comes to a new school year. Sit down with your child early in the school year and decide what specific goals your child would like to accomplish. Goals can range from maintaining a certain GPA to getting the lead in the school play. Whatever your child decides they want to accomplish, help them by coming up with a plan to get there. Set long term goals and short term goals that will help set them on the right path. You can also set a rewards system that will help keep them motivated.

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring

Tutoring is a great resource that all students can benefit from. While most people think tutoring is only for students who struggle to keep up in school, tutoring is actually great for all students. After school tutoring can challenge gifted students who are bored in class as well as provide added academic support for those who are struggling. If your child is starting a new subject, tutoring can also help lay down a basic foundation for them to build on during the school year. Tutoring isn't limited to school subjects, it can also help your child pick up organization techniques and study habits that will help them have a successful school year.

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