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Previously we wrote about the seven prominently identified learning styles. However, it can often be difficult for parents to easily and accurately identify the style their child most relates to. Throughout all of these seven styles, there is one that stands out above the rest - the kinesthetic learner.

How to Identify and Help a Kinesthetic Learner With Tutoring Classes Near Hazlet

Often considered one of the most difficult for parents to not only identify, but also complement with additional learning, kinesthetic learners are often left to do their best in a traditional classroom or learning environment. If you find that your child is quite active in their learning, but just isn't achieving the grades you know they are capable of, The Tutoring Center of Aberdeen has a post to help you identify a kinesthetic learner and develop ways to help them learn.

Tips to Help You Identify a Kinesthetic Learner

  • During their regular school classes or their homework, have you noticed that your child is always reaching for things and objects to assist? Perhaps it's a math lesson and instead of simply writing the equation and learning it, they prefer to use blocks or items around the house.
  • Do they thoroughly enjoy physical education classes, but don't seem to have a preference for the sport they play? Maybe they learn much faster when the teacher takes the children outside for a lesson using sports objects?
  • Perhaps they often find it difficult to sit in one place during class and recite the lesson, or maybe when placed in this position their handwriting for copying down the lesson isn't very neat or legible.
While there are many more ways to identify a kinesthetic learner, these are three great ways that can really stand out during a child's education. If you have noticed the above behaviors in your child throughout their schooling and regular personal time as well as a mediocre report and test results but you know that your child is able to achieve more, it's likely they could be a kinesthetic learner. Oftentimes, a kinesthetic learner isn't being taught in a complementary way during their regular schooling classes. With a number of learning styles throughout each regular classroom, teachers can often find it difficult to adapt their teaching styles to match each of their students. Through our "Geniuses in Training" program here at The Tutoring Center of Aberdeen, children are able to be taught using adaptable teaching methods designed to complement the child's learning style. Speak with a professional here at The Tutoring Center of Aberdeen by calling (732) 705-3636 to find out more about how one-to-one instruction is helping children with all learning styles reach their potential.

How Parents Can Help Their Kinesthetic Learners

Use Flashcards

If you have identified that your child is a kinesthetic learner and they are struggling with remembering dates or equations, the use of flashcards can see tremendous results in their lesson retention. While you may remember traditional paper-based flashcards, these can now be replaced with technology by using your phone or tablet. There are many flashcard apps available that allow you to program your own flashcards based on the areas your child is struggling with. In addition to the benefits of programming your own flashcards, these apps can also provide great amounts of feedback in regards to their usage. Able to report lesson time, response time along with lessons which are being shown the most, these apps can provide great reporting facilities for parents to ensure progress is being made and challenging areas are being addressed.

Keep Study Periods Short

While this isn't to suggest that the total amount of time your child studies and works with their homework should be minimal, the periods in which they do these activities should be shortened with small breaks in between. Between each 30 minutes period, allow a 5-minute break to step away from their study materials and stretch. Even a simple change to their focal points can be exactly what they need to help them not only study for longer, but may also help them study better.

Address All Learning Styles With Tutoring Classes Near Hazlet

With the limitations of a traditional classroom, more and more parents are turning to additional ways to ensure their child can thrive during their formative years. Students with all learning styles see remarkable results when attending a tutoring and learning center near Hazlet as professional tutors are able to adapt their teaching style to complement that of the student. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Aberdeen at (732) 705-3636 and find out more about how our "Geniuses in Training" program is able to provide one-to-one instruction designed to help your child reach their learning potential and obtain the grades you know they're capable of.


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