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It can be difficult for parents to identify when their children need extra help. This article has some information to help you notice the signs and act quickly. There is no denying that all parents want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their education. However, with the complexity of current lessons being taught, many parents feel they aren’t able to provide help and leave their children to it.  When this happens, it can be difficult for parents to know when their student is struggling. From extensive experience providing reputable one-on-one tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ, The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ knows the challenges faced by parents when it comes to identifying signs that their child is struggling, and has information below on two prominent factors for you to keep a look out for.

There Is Ketchup on Their Assignment

This is a difficult one for parents because they feel that if they can’t understand the lesson, then they can’t possibly comprehend how long it would take to complete. And while this sentiment may be true to a degree, it is not completely true. Despite what you see in the movies, teachers don’t all get together and discuss how they can ruin their student’s lives with excess amounts of homework. In fact, if any group discussion were to occur, it would likely be about how teachers can ensure students are given too much homework. With this in mind, consider the time that it takes your student to complete their homework and decide whether you think a teacher would reasonably assign an amount of homework which would require each student to stay awake until the early hours of the morning.

If Your Child's Homework Time Suddenly Seems a Little Excessive, There's a Good Chance That It Is.

The next time that you wake up in the middle of the night and see their study lamp on offer to provide help.  Students can be hesitant to ask for help with their homework because they only see their peers hand in completed homework. This creates a situation where students have a perception that their peers are cruising along with the work and that raising any concerns would make them look silly in front of their classmates. What they don’t see, however, are their peers spending all night on their homework because they too need help.

There's Always Something Due the Next Day

Have you noticed that your child always seems to have something due the next day? At first, you thought that it was just an excuse to get out of homework, but then you noticed that they declined their friends’ invitation to go out and socialize using the same excuse. Confusing, right?! While some parents may chalk it up to adolescence and accept that as long as their assignments are handed in on time, it doesn’t matter if they do them the night before, it is actually a sign of a much bigger problem. Time management skills. Help your child improve their time management skills with tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ today by calling (732) 705-3636 to book a free consultation and to learn more about how tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ can benefit your child. While all that a parent will see is a completed assignment, consider the following scenario. A student has an upcoming assignment which will account for a majority of their semester’s grade. Throughout the semester the student attends each of the classes, writes down meticulous notes, ask as many questions as they need, and even helps other students correct their own notes afterwards. By all accounts, this is a model student who is on track for a high mark on their report card. Now, imagine that this student has never learned how to manage their time efficiently. As a result, they neglected to schedule sufficient time to complete the assignment. Now, instead of completing an assignment which should have taken them a number of study sessions to finish has to be written, edited, and ready for presentation in a matter of hours. Often, overnight hours when their brain begins to prepare for sleep. Suddenly, a bright student who appears to be on track to achieve is hindered by a lack of time management skills, leaving them to hand in an assignment which doesn’t represent their study efforts, intellect, learning potential, or even their interest in the lesson! As unrepresentative as this assignment is, it is, unfortunately, the assignment which the teacher must use to determine their end of the semester grade. This leaves a gifted and conscientious student to return home with a report card that just doesn’t make sense.

All Students Can Benefit From Tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ

If your feel like your student isn't returning home with the grades which you know they are capable of, tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ at (732) 705-3636 to book a free consultation and to learn more.


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