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Despite the name, the summer learning slide is a serious phenomenon which can cause students to return to school unprepared for the lessons ahead.

When your child is at school, their brain is in an environment which not only provides information but promotes the learning of it. Along with a range of activities, student’s minds are constantly learning and engaged during school. However, similar to how a sponge starts to drop once you take it out of water, so too does your child’s brain stop learning and begin to forget important lessons.

The Summer Learning Loss

Of course, this doesn’t cause a problem over the summer break and will often go unnoticed, however, the problems start when a student returns for the new school year and realizes they need to spend precious class time relearning old information while their classmates move ahead without them. To help you prevent this from happening to your student, The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen NJ has prepared a great post to share.


It’s important to acknowledge that your student has worked hard throughout the previous school year and, not only do they deserve a break from full-time study, but their body and brain will actually benefit from it. The goal is to find a balance between learning and summer-time fun with their friends. Quizzes are a great tool for this purpose for a range of reasons:
  • Because you are creating them for your child, you can choose the complexity. This means that you can create easier ones for them to complete before bed or in the morning when their brain is running a little slower, but also create difficult ones to challenge their mind during the day when they are alert.
  • It’s important that each lesson doesn’t take up too much time, otherwise, it will feel like school. Quizzes allow parents to create a range of quiz lengths for various purposes. As an example, you can create short quizzes which you use as part of a reward system where a completed quiz means a treat or trip to the mall, right through to longer quizzes for your student to complete during a road trip.
  • Marking them yourself gives you the perfect opportunity to identify any further learning challenges and to keep track of their progress.
The best place to start is by sitting down with your child, and a snack, and talking about the challenges they faced the previous school year and any areas they would like to improve. With this information, use their notebooks and textbooks to create a range of quizzes suitable for their needs. Summer tutoring is a great way to prevent the summer learning slide from affecting your child and can also help to fill in any learning gaps they may have. Find out more during your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen NJ. Call today at (732) 705-3636 and speak with a friendly teaching professional about the benefits of tutoring in Aberdeen, NJ.

Learning from a Notebook

Despite how it may look, your child’s notebooks are a plethora of information just waiting to be pulled out and studied from. This is particularly true for students who came up against a range of small challenges with a mix of subjects and classes. Again, starting with your student and a comfortable conversation, make your way through their notebooks to identify any important lessons to review and to identify any challenge areas. For example, if you can see notes which were partially written, scribbled out, rewritten, scribbled out, and then drawn over, then it’s a good sign that your child struggled to understand that lesson. Each time you come across a note like this, mark it with a sticker or similar. Once you have finished, look through all of your marked notes and copy them onto separate pieces of paper or, even better, into a new and clean notebook. This will provide students with a concentrated set of notes which can help them to improve their challenge areas. Now, you and your student have a great and versatile learning resource which can be used during a road trip, while you complete errands, or as part of some time spent studying during the summer break.

One-To-One Summer Tutoring in Aberdeen NJ

If you are concerned about your child falling behind in school or their homework has become too complex for you to assist with, tutoring can help. To find out more about how tutoring can help your student prepare for the next school year, speak with a teaching professional at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen NJ by calling (732) 705-3636 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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