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When it comes to opportunities such as a parent-teacher interview they can often be few and far between and aren’t likely for an extended period of time. And while this is more reflective of a teacher’s limited amount of time rather than their disinterest in speaking with parents, it does mean...
Previously we wrote about the seven prominently identified learning styles. However, it can often be difficult for parents to easily and accurately identify the style their child most relates to. Throughout all of these seven styles, there is one that stands out above the rest - the kinesthetic...
Have you ever asked your kids to teach you something and found that they each tried to teach you in very different ways. One could start to read you instructions while another tried to show you with objects and demonstrations? The ways they attempted to teach you could be a very good insight into...

Science Help: Glossary of Terms

Preparing your child for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) world that will face them as adults does not need to be a challenge. Here are a few terms your child should know. Test your children yourself and ask for examples where...

Test-Taking Strategies in Old Bridge Township

The purpose of a test is to measure your comprehension of course material or your ability to perform a task. As such, there is no substitute for good, old-fashioned study and practice. Still, here are some steps you can take so your...
Every student faces challenges at school, whether academic, social, or self-esteem. Hiring a tutor can help your child overcome their obstacles, and not just by improving grades. Here are ten of the many ways a tutor would benefit your child.

Benefits of Tutoring in Hazlet



Grammar Help: Using the Comma

We wind up this month's look at punctuation with a punctuation mark so versatile that it needs its own post- the comma. Here are the rules you should follow when applying the comma.

Commas and Lists

Commas separate groups of three or more items: "I like soccer,...

More Punctuation for Composition Help

Here are some more punctuation rules to improve your writing.

Using Colons Correctly

A colon is like saying "that is to say." Use it to introduce a series of items, as in "I brought a lot of food: sandwiches, chips, hamburgers, and hot dogs." Do not use a...

Punctuation to Help with Composition

Remember these rules of punctuation when you write.

Using Periods

A period ends a complete sentence. Question marks and exclamation points eliminate the need for a period. If your sentence ends in an abbreviation, do not add an extra period. For example, "I...
Grammar is crucial in daily life. After all, we wouldn't be able to communicate effectively orally or through written word without it. However, in order to master it, we need to memorize a set of rules and conventions. If your child is struggling with this at the moment, don't worry; below you'll...


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