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Now is the time of the academic year when students either focus on their studying or seem to drift away into thoughts of their upcoming vacation time. This occurs so much that the previous article provides information on how tutoring can help students during this important time.

Keep Your Child's...


Students at All Levels Can Benefit From Tutoring

The end of the school year is soon approaching, so now is the time to help your student prepare so that they can achieve the grades they are capable of. Tutoring is the best way for students to prepare for exams and is a great confidence boost. The...
Nobody could ever say that every parent doesn’t want the best for their child academically. However, the strong focus on the word academically can often lead parents to disregard alternative study options or learning mechanisms which could actually be of great benefit to their student. One such...
Fairy tales take us to faraway lands and magical places, we learn about brave heroes and evil witches, mythical creatures and flying carpets. Fairy tales have been around for thousands of years; they have been passed from generation to generation. They have influenced our cultures and taught us...
We’ve all been there - the alarm goes off and your peaceful family home suddenly turns into a battleground. It’s the same every time - you go in to wake up your child, they say that they are getting up but when you return 15 minutes later they are still in bed. This is when things can turn nasty...
After school studying is a great way for children to reflect on the lessons learned during the day and really commit them to memory. However, the quality of these study sessions and the memories being committed rely heavily on the quality of the material being used. Notably, your child's notes.


Distractions are everywhere, all the time. They can prevent us from remembering information or even get in the way of important tasks being completed. As adults, we have learned all about the dangers of distractions and how to combat them. Children, however, are still yet to receive this lesson...

Help Your Child Transition Back to School With These Tips

Now that summer is over and school is starting, help your child transition back to school with these tips from��The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ.

Reestablish Old Routines

The summer months spent away from school tend to be more...
If, as an adult, you have ever tried to learn a foreign language then it is likely you wished that you learned it when you were younger. It's no secret that a child's brain is more able to learn new skills, especially new languages, than an adult's. However, this is not the only reason for a...
When parents discuss their child's learning progress with fellow parents, many techniques and pieces of advice are exchanged. However, what many parents find is that what may work for one student, doesn't necessarily work for another.

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