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Summer break is the perfect time for hard working students to relax and unwind. However, it can also be the time that students forget important lessons. Read on to learn how you can prevent that from occurring. If you were to take a survey of all the students in one school on what they thought the summer break was the perfect time for, the general consensus would be that the break is meant for them to do nothing at all!

Don't Let Important Lessons Slip Away

If you were to take the same survey with a group of teachers, they would tell you that the summer period should be a blend of learning and fun. To help you learn more about why the group of teachers has the correct answer, read the following post from The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ about the summer learning slide.

What Does 'Summer Learning Slide' Mean?

Also called the summer learning loss, the terms refer to the way a student's brain loses information over the summer vacation period. While rudimentary, the easiest way to understand a summer learning loss is by using the example of a sponge. Imagine a dry sponge that you soak in the liquid. The sponge will continue to soak up as much liquid as it possibly can. Once you take it out of the liquid, however, it starts to drip and dribble. While the sponge will continue to retain most of the liquid, small amounts will be lost. Continue with this example, but instead consider that the sponge is a student's brain. Not just any student, your student. While they are at school, their brain is constantly surrounded by new information and learning opportunities. However, as soon as they leave this learning environment, their brain starts to drip away knowledge. Of course, this lost knowledge doesn't include the detailed information about their latest social media post, their friend's upcoming birthday parties, and especially not the WIFI password! Students seem to keep this knowledge in an unknown part of the brain that never forgets anything! No. Instead, the drips and dribbles that their brain loses are filled with important information about their studies and school activities. Prevent your student from losing valuable information by arranging one-on-one tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ by calling (732) 705-3636 to learn more about the benefits of tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ.

Why a Summer Learning Loss Is So Detrimental

As a subject, math provides the perfect example. Math is a progressive subject, meaning that each student needs to master class number one before they can understand class number two, and certainly before they can understand class number 3. This is because each lesson is built from the previous lesson taught. Continuing on with both examples above, consider that your student has taken a break from their entire math studies over the summer period, and is now returning to a new school year. As soon as they sit down to learn, the teacher begins to present the lesson which is built from lessons learned during the previous school year. While their classmates are listening intently and writing concise and compact notes, your student realizes that, because they didn't study, they have forgotten key pieces of information. Instead of joining their classmates with the current lesson, they frantically write down everything the teacher says in the hope that they can understand it at the end of the lesson. This is all done while the student simultaneously tries to read their notes from last year and relearn a fundamental algorithm. As you can likely tell, this student is in a terrible position moving forward as the have already fallen behind their classmates.

Summer School/Camp Is Not the Answer

When most parents realize the effects of the summer learning slide, their first and immediate thought is to enroll their student in a summer learning school or camp. While these spaces can be productive, they don't give students the chance to unwind, spend time with friends, and enjoy their non-educational lives.

Summer Tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ Can Help

One-on-one tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ provides the perfect balance, allowing your student to receive an intense refresher and continued one-on-one learning sessions without taking on the weight of a full course load. To learn more or to book your free consultation, speak with The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ by calling (732) 705-3636. During your first visit, a learning professional can answer any and all questions have regarding the benefits of tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ and how tutoring sessions can prevent the summer learning loss.


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