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It’s important for all students to continuously improve their reading level as it can have a powerful impact on their academic and career paths. Many students are of the belief that reading isn’t a skill which they will need to employ in their daily life. These students mostly believe that because they are going into trade-based careers or computer engineering, which makes them believe they won’t need to read or write. However, these students never realize that the skills they will need to learn to do their job will be taught through reading, which means their reading level can determine how well they can learn a physical task.

Improve Your Child's Reading Level

If this sounds familiar and your child could use some help to improve their reading proficiency, The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen NJ has some tips to share.

Don’t Discard Junk Mail

When email came around and you signed up for an account, you were 100% sure that it would be the end of your mailbox being filled with a mixture of bank notices and promotional flyers. However, as the big pile of mail sitting on your table can attest, this didn’t happen. While you are likely in the habit of loosely reading bank notices weeks later and simply discarding the promotional items, instead, hand these items to your children and ask them to read each one aloud to you as you prepare dinner. While this type of mail wouldn’t traditionally be considered educational, the lesson in this tip comes from the exposure your children will have to a range of grammar choices and uses, along with various writing styles which your child would otherwise not learn. This can not only help them to improve their reading skills and learn new words but reading a range of writing styles, from formal to promotional, can also help improve your child’s writing skills.

Share the Fun

Children are more likely to participate in and enjoy an activity if they see their parents doing the same. For this reason, if you are reading a newspaper, magazine, or even a mobile device and come across an interesting article or piece of information, share it with your children and ask their input. Doing this has a few great benefits:
  • If your children see that you are not only reading but enjoying the task, they are more likely to join you.
  • Small instances of incidental reading such as this can be a great help to improve their reading proficiency.
  • It helps to teach children that mobile devices aren’t just for social media.
If your student’s reading level is below that of their classmates, one-to-one tutoring in Aberdeen NJ can help. Find out more about how tutoring in Aberdeen NJ can benefit your student during your free initial diagnostic assessment. Call The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen NJ today at (732) 705-3636 and learn how tutoring in Aberdeen NJ can help your student improve their grades and reading proficiency.

Learn Letters and Sounds

When a child is on their own reading, the best way for them to learn a new word is to sound it out. However, as great as this technique can be, it is only as powerful as a child’s knowledge of letter-sound combinations. If your child regularly sits in front of the TV or plays video games while you prepare dinner, invite them into the kitchen to join in and help you. Give them a quick reading lesson while you’re at it.
  • Each time that you use a pre-prepared ingredient, hand the can or jar to your child and ask them to read aloud the list of ingredients, as well as any nutritional information on the label.
  • When using a recipe, ask your children to read it to you as you follow their directions.
Of course, the words on the ingredients list isn’t going to become part of your child’s lexicon, however, that’s not the lesson. The lesson comes in the form of your child learning a wide range of letter-sound combinations with your supervision, allowing you to correct them as they learn. This can help students tremendously when they are reading alone and need to sound out a new word.

A Private Navigator

To further their knowledge of letters and sounds, consider using your daily drive or weekend errands-run as a teaching platform. Before you all leave for the day, print out the directions for the routes you will be taking and ask your children to be your personal GPS device. If you use a GPS device, you can put in the destination and, instead of pressing ‘start’, just have your child read the directions on the screen. There are three benefits to this lesson:
  • The first is the exposure to even more letter-sound combinations through street signs.
  • Your child can learn more words, including regular words which form street names.
  • The pressure of reading you the directions in time to make the next turn can help students to remain focused and push themselves to read faster.

Tutoring in Aberdeen NJ Can Improve Your Child’s Reading Level

If your student is falling behind with reading or they are experiencing a particular challenge in class, one-to-one tutoring in Aberdeen NJ can help. To find out more, speak with a tutor at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen NJ by calling (732) 705-3636 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment where you can ask any questions you have about the benefits of tutoring in Aberdeen NJ.


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