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Learning Styles

As you know, everybody has different strengths and weaknesses, which affects several areas of their life. For example, for your child, this means that they learn and assimilate information in different ways. Moreover, it also means that certain learning techniques that may work for some children, may not work for others. For that reason, this post will go over 3 of the most common learning styles and how you can adapt your child's study sessions to them so they can learn effectively.

The Kinesthetic Learning Style

First up are kinesthetic learners; they're very active, and prefer to do things in order to learn them. You can also identify them because they use their hands and body to take in information.
  • One of the best things you can do for a kinesthetic learner is to create experiments regarding the lessons they should learn.
  • You can also try giving them tools (such as an abacus or a puzzle) so they can retain the information better.

The Visual Learning Style

As their name states, visual learners are those who learn better with visual stimuli. They're usually pretty good at remembering faces, spatial arrangements, and colors.
  • If your child is a visual learner, try to find their lessons on a video format so they can watch them and learn.
  • You can also try making drawings or creating diagrams so they can see what they should be learning and memorize it effectively.

The Auditory Learning Style

Finally, there are auditory learners. As opposed to the other learning styles, this one focuses on sound. Your child is probably an auditory learner if they remember conversations, lyrics, and rhythm easily.
  • An easy but great way to help your auditory learner memorize information is to have discussions with them about their subjects.
  • If your child is very creative, you can also encourage them to make up songs and rhymes with the information they need to learn.

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