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If you have ever wondered whether your child is actually learning during their study sessions, this article can help with information about using a tablet to identify your child's learning challenges. First, there was the touch screen phone. This allowed people to watch movies on the train, perform their grocery shopping in bed, or even check up on the latest sales and offers in your area. Then came tablet devices. Now, people can do all of these things on a much larger screen.

Find out More About How Your Child Is Learning

However, there is one aspect of a tablet’s use which adults and parents don’t often consider: its educational benefits. This may come as no surprise to many. After all, if you spend all of your time using a device for entertainment purposes, it can be difficult to see it as anything else. If you own a tablet or are considering buying one for your youngster, The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ has some information about you can use these devices to not only help your student learn but also to identify learning challenges and strengths.

A Likely Story

Let’s start with the obvious: Every parent wants the best for their student, including them reaching their learning potential. The biggest challenge faced by most parents in this regard, however, is being able to identify whether their child needs help or is even spending too much time on classes they know instead of the ones they don’t. A common scenario likely runs similar to this:
  1. Your youngster heads into their bedroom or study space to prepare for an upcoming exam using some flash cards they prepared.
  2. The door is closed.
  3. As you walk past, you can hear some slight mumbling and reciting.
  4. Their study time finishes.
  5. When you ask them how it went, you get a grunt, a ‘fine’, or, if you’re lucky, an ‘it was okay’.
Sound familiar? If so, the chances are that you don’t have a full understanding of their learning progress or if they are experiencing any learning challenges during their sessions. If your child is showing signs that they need help transitioning back to school or they seem to lack confidence, tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ can help. Speak with a learning professional today at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ by calling (732) 705-3636 to book your free initial diagnostic consultation. During your first visit, a trained learning professional explain to you in detail the benefits of tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ and answers any questions you may have about the benefits of one to-one tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ. Continuing with the same example, let’s add a tablet device to the list, where the student uses a flash card app with their own personalized flash cards.
  • They hand you their tablet device.
  • With a few button presses, you are presented with detailed information about how productive the study session was.
As you can see, it's the tablet which sees the parent gain valuable knowledge, such as:
  • The actual duration that your student was studying
  • How productive the lesson was
  • Which prompts took the longest to answer
  • Conversely, which prompts were answered quickly
  • How often were certain prompts repeated before a correct answer
This type and level of information are invaluable for a parent ( and their teachers, for that matter) to help identify not only specific areas where your child is struggling but also the areas in which they are excelling. This information can be used to help shape future study sessions to maximize their productivity. For example, if a student completes all the answers correctly then they are likely to continue studying the same material. After all, who doesn’t enjoy providing all of the correct answers. It’s an easy way to breeze through your study time. However, if you, as a parent are aware of how well they are doing, you can encourage them to focus their study time on areas which they aren’t as successful at. This is information which you could help them understand by way of your app usage reports.

Use This Information to Benefit Their Learning in Aberdeen Township, NJ

This information is great to both identify your child’s learning challenges and also their strengths, ensuring both are nurtured correctly. If you already have a tablet in your home and you have the results of their first study session available, book a free initial diagnostic consultation by calling (732) 705-3636 and speak to a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ about the results of your child’s study session.


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