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Distractions are everywhere, all the time. They can prevent us from remembering information or even get in the way of important tasks being completed. As adults, we have learned all about the dangers of distractions and how to combat them. Children, however, are still yet to receive this lesson and can often find it a challenge to avoid distractions.

The dangers surrounding school-based distractions are that they have the very real potential to cause students to miss out on valuable pieces of information which could negatively affect school grades. To help you get your student off to a distraction-free school year, The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ has a post to share with information about distractions and tips on how you and your child can overcome them.

Mobile Devices

Whether it's a cell-phone, tablet, gaming system, or a new gadget that you aren't entirely sure what it does, mobile devices are the number one distraction for students. And while their teacher will do their best to reduce classroom usage, the teacher's focus needs to be on delivering the lesson. If you are looking for more of a common ground, take some time to sit with your child and discuss the reasons why they use their cell phone. Instead of labeling their mobile device as the enemy, speak with and educate them about the appropriate use of their devices, and the importance of paying attention during class. Alternatively, another option is to simply not allow mobile devices to be taken to school. If there are educational applications which your child needs to use at school, consider removing the data plan from their device. This way, their resources and study apps will work. However, your child will have to wait until they return home and get wi-fi to chat with their friends.

What's Happening Outside?

If a student is having difficulty with a lesson and they sit next to a window, then it's likely that the football practice happening on the field will become more interesting than what the teacher is presenting on the board. If you notice that your child tends to daydream often and enjoys looking outside at what is happening instead of looking at their school books, speak with the teacher about moving their seat close to the front of the classroom. To help your child learn in a distraction free environment, speak with The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ at 732 705 3636 and ask about how a purpose designed learning space can not only help a child reach their learning potential but actually encourage it.

Sounds and Action

Not all distractions occur at school. Many students find themselves becoming distracted at home when they are trying to study. While their computer may appear as the likely culprit, it could be an activity which is happening in the home. For example, an auditory learner will study best by listening to recorded information or speaking aloud. This study session is easily distracted by something as simple as vacuuming in the hallway or a button caught in the washing machine which keeps making a recurring sound. The best way to help your child study at home is to create a dedicated study space, free of distractions and activity. If you don't have a space you can use, do your best to suppress any noise around their room or even move change the time of your housework until they have finished.

A Bored Student

Uninterested students or those struggling are not the only ones who seek out distractions. Children who are genuinely interested in a lesson can also become distracted if they are frustrated by the pace of lesson being taught. This can often be a difficult situation to uncover as many students, due to social influences, are hesitant to tell their parents they are interested in a subject. If you suspect this is the case, consider leaving some textbooks or other learning material around the house which is related to the class they are struggling with. If you notice your child pick up the books with interest, you have your answer.

Challenge a Bored Student With Tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ

If you believe that your child is interested in their school work, however, simply isn't being challenged, it might be time to look for additional learning resources for them. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ at 732 705 3636 and ask about how tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ can provide stimulating material which matching the pace of your child's learning. Call today and book a free consultation.


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