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Summer is here, which for students means a break from their school schedule and more time to spend time with their friends and their family. However, the summer break is also the time where students' brains can become complacent and begin to forget important lessons learned during the previous semester, leaving them to fall behind when school resumes.

Don't Let the Summer Sun Zap Away Important School Lessons

To help you prevent this from happening to your child, The Tutoring Center of Aberdeen has prepared a list of ways for every parent to help their child continue to learn over summer and prevent a summer learning loss.

Maintain a Schedule

During the semester, their brain knows when it needs to be ready to learn and prepares for it. This goes out the window, however, when that routine no longer exists. While you won't want to continue schooling hours over the break, plan study time for your child each day and stick to the schedule. It can take as little as one hour a day of study time to prevent a learning loss over summer.

Pop Quiz at Home

Through speaking with their teacher or reading their notebook, identify any challenging areas and create your own pop quiz. If your child needs a lift to the mall to be with their friends, trade a car ride for the answers to three challenging questions. If you are going to see a movie, offer to buy an extra ice-cream or treat if they can remember a major math formula.

Write, Write, Write!

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to continue literacy lessons and help your child practice sentence structure. Encourage your child to write a journal entry each day even if it just about going to the grocery store or walking the dog to the park. If their previous semester has been focusing on a particular set of vocabulary items, suggest they concentrate on incorporating these into their entries. If you feel that your child could benefit from a formal learning environment over summer, speak with The Tutoring Center of Aberdeen at (732) 705 3636 about the benefits of summer tutoring classes near Aberdeen Township. Delivered through one-to-one instruction, students who participate in tutoring over summer return to school ahead of their peers and are in a better position to approach upcoming tests.

Enjoyable Reading

Reading is a great way to boost a child's imagination, however, the task is often disliked by children as their regular schooling requires them to read books they may not be interested in. Over summer, take a trip to the library and help your child choose a few books they would enjoy. While it can be tempting to sway them into making educational choices, summer is a time to mix fun and learning together. If you both have a day to spare, pack a picnic basket and a blanket and head to your local park for a reading picnic. Mix this with some time for games and play along with their reading.

Make Math Relatable

As adults, we recognize the importance of math during our everyday activities. However, children often struggle to understand its relevance as they don't see their parents putting it to use. Summer provides the perfect time for you to take your child with you as you complete your errands and practice math. Examples include:
  • Give your child your daily errands and ask them to calculate the fastest route for you both to complete them all. Mix this up with requiring certain chores be completed at a set time, or ask them to find the fastest route, not the shortest.
  • Include them when you are planning your grocery budget and show them how you use math to calculate whether a sale item will benefit you.
  • While you are grocery shopping, ask them to be your 'personal calculator', and tell them that they are responsible for ensuring you stay under budget and don't end up at the checkout with insufficnet money.

Summer Tutoring Classes Near Aberdeen Township

These are just some of the great ways which parents can help their child to avoid a summer learning loss. If your child has been struggling during the semester with challenging subjects, speak with The Tutoring Center of Aberdeen at (732) 705 3636 to learn more about summer tutoring classes. Whereas during the semester your child learns as part of a class, formal tutoring provides your child with one-to-one instruction in an environment where they feel comfortable asking questions and can be given direct and immediate feedback and assistance.


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