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All parents want to help their children study, however, the challenge is finding engaging ways to do so, with children preferring to stare at a screen. If this sounds like you, this article can help. Whether it’s simply providing a bit of help to finish an equation or something more hands-on by helping to finish a model project, every parent wants to do their part to help their child through their educational path. However, as good as these intentions are, the challenge is finding an engaging way to do it.

Fun Learning Games You and Your Family Can Play at Home

If you find yourself in this very position then it is likely that you have given up the idea that learning at home can be fun. However, The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ knows that there is much each parent can do to help their child’s learning and has two great games to share with you.

Math Memory

When students list the subjects which they find the most fun, math isn’t anywhere near the top. It's not that the subject isn’t fun for many students, but it definitely isn’t something which you would describe as being fun. The primary reason for this is purely because at the end of the day, the teacher has to teach. It isn’t a practical use of their time to think of new games to play with their students during each lesson. However, it is a practical use of yours.

Play a Math Game at Home

The game is called Math Memory. It works in a very similar way to the regular game of memory which you remember (for lack of a better word), however, it adds a small mathematical twist.
  • Start with around 20 pieces of card the size of regular playing cards.
  • One one side of 10 cards, write a math equation which your youngster has been struggling with. Place a small dot on the corner of each card.
  • On one side of the other 10, write a corresponding answer.
  • Now, place them in rows of five on the table, all of them showing their information.
  • Now, count to 10 because after that it’s time to turn them all over!
To get started, each person takes a turn at turning over a card and then attempting to match it with a corresponding card. Of course, the great math benefit to this game is that you have to work out the math equation to get the answer before you can even start to consider the answer cards. As you can guess, this can turn into some laughs as you each try to remember the answer to the questions each time! If you notice that your child struggles with a particular set of questions, tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ can help. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ about how one-to-one tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ can benefit your student. Call today at (732) 705-3636 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment where you can ask any and all questions you have about how tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ can work for your child.

Synonym Bingo

In case you haven’t noticed, nobody puts their phone to their ear anymore. Instead, it’s all text. Text comments on a social media post. Text to see what friends are doing. Text a company to order a service. It’s all about text. While there is little that you can (or want to) do to change this culture, you can help your child to excel in it. An extensive lexicon is a great benefit for students that can help set them apart from their classmates when the time comes. For example, when writing a college essay where the majority of students all use the same vocabulary list they absorbed through their textbooks and nothing else. This game is called Synonym Bingo, and, despite what the name suggests, you shouldn’t expect to be taking home any prizes.
  • Start by downloading some blank bingo cards from the internet and printing them.
  • A set of 3x3 boxes will be sufficient.
  • Tear or cut up around 15 or so small pieces of paper.
  • On one side of each piece of paper, write a word.
  • On the other side of each piece of paper, write a corresponding synonym.
  • Place them all on the table with either word facing up.
  • Now, randomly write a selection of the words onto the bingo cards.
  • Once you have finished, place the pieces of paper into a bowl.
Now, it’s time to get started! Each person takes a turn pulling out a word from the bowl. Then, each player marks off on their card if they have a synonym. As you can imagine, just like real bingo, when more than one person gets down to one word, things can become comically frustrating. Similar to the first game, Synonym Bingo also has the potential to have the complexity increased by making more difficult word choices.

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