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Nobody could ever say that every parent doesn’t want the best for their child academically. However, the strong focus on the word academically can often lead parents to disregard alternative study options or learning mechanisms which could actually be of great benefit to their student. One such activity which, on the surface, appears to be completely fun based and without any academic merit is learning to play an instrument.

Why You Shouldn't Disregard Your Child's Interest in Learning to Play an Instrument

With extensive experience helping children of all ages improve their grades and reach their learning potential, The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ knows that learning can come in all shapes and sizes. With this in mind, below is some information regarding just some of the many benefits of your student learning to play an instrument.

Learn How to Focus

Captain James Cook was a British explorer and navigator who made first conta….the vacuum cleaner makes a funny sound. Who made first contact with the eastern coastline of Austr...why does my brother sing so loud in the shower? These are the types of thoughts that students studying at home can have because of simple distractions that are happening around them. These are also the types of thoughts which learning to play an instrument can help with. When learning to play an instrument as part of a band, students become accustomed to learning a new task or information with a myriad of distractions (often other students playing the incorrect note). Through this, thoughts such as the ones written above become complete and the lessons are learned and retained without wondering about their sibling singing.

There Is Always Strength in Numbers

A famous quote, no doubt, but also a true comment. Throughout your student’s educational path they will encounter learning obstacles and projects which will require them to participate with other students towards a shared goal. This activity often proves difficult for many students who are used to working alone and may not receive constructive feedback from fellow students well. By removing any academic competition, such as in a band, students learning to play an instrument can learn to receive feedback from their band mates in a relaxed and enjoyable environment where each band member helps one another for the sole purpose of performing together. Additionally, through this act, students also learn how to structure their own feedback and apply this lesson when providing their own comments to fellow students, whether as part of a band or study group. If your student is struggling in school, the time to act is now. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ by calling (732) 705 3636 and ask about how their “Geniuses in Training” programs can help raise your child’s grades. Delivered through one-to-one instruction, tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ can help students of all ages and grade levels improve their performance and get their learning back on track.

Learn to Stick with It

The very nature of education is to challenge a student’s mind. However, with appealing distractions at hand, more and more students are not learning the power of perseverance, and instead become frustrated when they don’t understand a lesson and simply move on without raising their concerns. This, of course, creates great problems when exam times comes around and they realize they can’t complete them. Learning to play an instrument provides an immediate reward for perseverance in a comfortable environment. As an example, when faced with a difficult piece of music to play, students make an error once, then realize their mistake, and correct it immediately by playing the music again correctly. While it may seem small, these immediate rewards help to spur their learning of music. This is a skill which students can transfer to their traditional academic path when a large and seemingly unattainable goal is placed before them.

An 'Always on' Brain

When a student learns to play the piano, for example, they are required to read both treble and bass clef lines of music. As they do this, they need to observe changes in tempo and pitch for both of these lines. This all happens at the same time as playing the actual music they are already reading. While it may not be the calculations that will send man to the moon again or that solve a world economic crisis, the calculations are keeping their math brain active, strengthening their skills without them even knowing it.

Improve Their Grades With Tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ

It doesn’t matter what grade your student is in or their age, tutoring classes work to improve academic success. If your child’s grades are slipping, they are struggling with a particular subject, or they just want to raise a B to an A, speak with The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ by calling (732) 705 3636 to book your free consultation today and learn more about tutoring in Aberdeen Township NJ.


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