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A group study session is nothing more than social time. There, we said it! After all, you were thinking it! What if this wasn’t really the case? Would you change your mind in regards to these sessions?

Every parent thinks it, and there are even movies devoted to it. A group study session is nothing more than a group of students getting together to talk about the latest social media posts or gossip circulating around the school.

Can Your Student Benefit from a Group Study Session?

While this may be the case for a few sessions, if facilitated correctly, a group study session can be a powerful learning experience for all students involved. The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ has a post with some points which may just sway your thinking on the matter.

Did I Write the Correct Date, Or Was It a Name?

Let’s face it - no matter how many times a parent or a teacher instructs students not to take note of every word spoken by the teacher, they are going to do their best to, anyway! Unfortunately, this often results in a student missing out on important information being delivered because they are trying to scribble furiously while they remember what was mentioned three sentences ago. This becomes particularly troublesome when it comes time for further and complementary reading and research. As an example, imagine a teacher speaking about the introduction of a non-native animal into a new habitat. During the lesson, the teacher mentions the date it was introduced in 1890. However, your student was writing so furiously that the date was taken as 1880. A small mistake, right? Unfortunately, if this is the date which was written it can make it extremely difficult to understand any further reading assigned because of a simple flick of the wrist. During a group study session, these small inconsistencies are flushed out as each of the students openly share their notes, with one student helping to fill in the gaps of another’s notes, while that student’s notes, in turn, help another student. As everybody’s notes move around the table, each student has the opportunity to clarify and complete the very resource they will be using to study alone and after the group study session has finished. Is your student struggling with a particular lesson on in a specific class? Do you know they are capable of returning home with grades higher than their report card shows? Tutoring can help. Speak with a trained learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ by calling (732) 705-3636 and find out just how beneficial one-to-one tutoring can be.

But That’s Not What I Heard?!

Have you ever been in a group meeting at work and your boss has provided you and your colleagues with the same information and the requirements to complete an assignment, however, your perception of what your boss was asking or looking for to complete the assignment wasn’t exactly what they meant? This will result in you not only wasting precious work time, but also you  handing in completed work which not only doesn’t impress your boss but actually makes them see you as less-able than your colleague. Now transfer this into your student’s classroom where each student is provided with the same verbal lesson, however, your youngster hears it a little differently or picks up on a nuance which wasn’t really there. Like the example above, off they will go spending all of their time and energy on completing an assignment they weren’t really directed to, and one which won’t score them any points or even a passing grade for their effort. In the above example, a group study session allows students to speak openly about their perceptions of the lesson and the task ahead. They can then clarify any potential misunderstandings which would have resulted in the student taking an incorrect path. Whether it’s a simple sentence which wasn’t heard or directions which weren’t understood, a group study setting provides a comfortable and open space for clarification.

One Thing Is True - Tutoring Works!

Whether it’s helping a youngster raise a B to an A+, giving them a bit of additional support when it comes to a particularly challenging subject or lesson, or just providing them extra time to ask an expert about any uncertainties, tutoring can work for your youngster. To find out more about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring, speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ. Call (732) 705-3636 today to book your free initial diagnostic assessment where a trained learning professional can answer any and all questions you have about the benefits of tutoring.


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