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Has your child been having uncommon behavior? Has your child's attitude towards school changed drastically? If so, your child may be showing signs of school anxiety. Learn more about this topic and about actions you can take to help your child in this post by The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen, NJ.

It's normal for students to feel nervous before a test or a big school assignment, but when what they are feeling turns into anxiety, things can get tricky. For many children, school can cause them high levels of anxiety, which can even present itself in the form of physical symptoms. Small levels of stress can be easy to treat, but it becomes a challenge when it begins holding the student back, causing them to have poor school performance and affect their wellbeing. Learn more about the topic in this article by The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen, NJ.

How to Recognize if Your Child Has School Anxiety

Increased Irritability

When children are experiencing anxiety it is very common for them to become sensible and easily irritated. The smallest things that maybe wouldn't bother them before, now start to become an issue and make them act unpredictably. If mentioning homework or asking them about school ends in a tantrum, there is probably something going on. If you notice your child acting this way, it can be a great idea to contact their teacher and ask them how their behavior has been like in the classroom.

Uncommon Behaviors

In addition to emotional changes and attitude changes, anxiety can also lead children to become more hostile. Maybe you have noticed your child reacting more physically or in a pushy manner to specific situations and topics. This also presents itself very commonly in school. If you have received calls from your child's teacher or school about your student becoming more prone to aggressiveness in specific contexts with the teacher or classmates, chances are something is going on that hasn't been looked at.

If you sense your child presents signs of school anxiety, tutoring in Aberdeen can help. The professionals at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen, NJ, can help your child identify the areas they struggle with and develop strategies to overcome every challenge. Enroll your child in one-on-one tutoring and schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment by calling (732) 705-3636.

Health Changes

Physical changes become more prominent when children have tests, presentations, or big school assignment coming up. Tests can make some students very anxious, and because they may not have a way of letting those emotions out and don't know how to handle them, they start to become evident physically. This happens in the form of headaches, tummy aches, dizziness, fatigue, and more. Has your child told you about feeling ill at school? Has your child's teacher mentioned something about your child complaining from any pain?

Doubting Their Abilities

It's normal for students to excel in certain subjects more than others. Still, anxiety can make them to doubt their abilities and close themselves to participating in class or learning and showing what they know. Some children become afraid and retract when they notice that there is something harder for them in comparison to those around them. Contact your child's teacher and ask them to tell you or keep an eye on your child regarding this matter. This can be of great help as they can speak with your child and investigate more about the topic.

If your child needs extra help with a particular school subject, tutoring in Aberdeen can help. Contact a professional at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen, NJ, and learn about the benefits the one-on-one tutoring has for children at every learning stage. Schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment today by calling (732) 705-3636.

Trouble Sleeping

Changes in sleeping schedules or difficulty to sleep can also be a sign that your child is experiencing anxiety. Rest is a significant factor when it comes to health, and for students, it's recommended for them to sleep on average 9 hours per night. A change in this schedule can amplify challenging feelings in students. It can also happen that children start having nightmares and waking up feeling like they didn't have enough rest. Being aware of your child's sleeping patters is essential to be able to obtain a diagnosis later on.

Asking for Help

It's essential to take action when it comes to school anxiety. Most children don't always understand the emotions they are experiencing and the reasons why they are acting in a certain ways. To help a student, parents and teachers/school can have a significant impact. Get in contact with your child's school and make a strategy together to see how you can treat the problem as a team. It's also crucial to remember to seek the help of a professional to be able to understand and properly diagnose the situation.

If Your Child Presents Signs of School Anxiety, Tutoring In Aberdeen Can Help

Enrolling your child in one-on-one tutoring can be beneficial from children with school anxiety. The tutoring experts at The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen, NJ, can give your child the guidance and confidence to be able to improve their academic performance and overall confidence. Schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment and learn more about the fantastic academic programs offered for children in every learning stage by calling (732) 705-3636.


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