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Now is the time of the academic year when students either focus on their studying or seem to drift away into thoughts of their upcoming vacation time. This occurs so much that the previous article provides information on how tutoring can help students during this important time.

Keep Your Child's Brain Learning at Home

To complement the advanced learning they will achieve from tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ, The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ has some information below to share on how parents can use small home-based incentives to keep their student's learning fresh.

Drive-Time Lessons

There are few things that a student enjoys more than socializing, whether it's going to the movies, sleepover at their friend's house, or even just walking around the mall talking about the latest gossip. At their age, it's hard to blame them. However, there is one particular item which all of these 'all important' social events require - your driver's license and car. Here's how it works:
  • Student: Hey, Mom! Can you please drive me to the mall to hang out with my friends?
  • Mom: Sure! Let's use the 15-minute drive to read over last night's study notes.
  • Student: Dad! Dad! ALL of my friends are going to the movies tonight, and I HAVE to be there, but it's a 45-minute drive...
  • Dad: 45 minutes?! That's nothing! Especially if you spend the time reading a chapter ahead in your History textbook!
  • Student: Ugh...Don't even worry about it. *30 seconds later*
  • Student: Fine! Let's go!
Considering that they were likely to spend the time texting the very people who they were about to meet up with for the night, the driving time is much better spent with small amounts of review and learning. Incidental instances of learning such as these can quickly compound, resulting in students being chapters ahead in their class reading and well-reviewed in their study notes during exam time. If you find that your student is constantly reviewing the same material or they struggle with a lesson openly, tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ can help to bolster their learning and understanding of each lesson. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ by calling (732) 705-3636 to find out more about how tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ can help your student reach their learning potential and return home with grades and exam results indicative of their abilities.

The Value of a Chore

Of course, there are plenty more incentives in your home which you can use to keep your student's brain active and refreshed with knowledge. This next tip turns household chores into opportunities. Consider the following:
  • Student: Dad! There is absolutely no way that I am going to take out the trash! Can you even imagine what would happen if one of my friends saw me holding a trash bag?! Epic fail!
  • Dad: You're right! I can't imagine such a thing! How about I take out the trash tonight if you spend an extra 15 minutes on your homework?
  • Student: It's too cold outside, and I don't want to walk the dog! This is the worst thing in the world, ever! Why can't somebody else do it for a change!?
  • Mum: I can't believe we asked you to do such as *horrible* chore! How about I walk the dog tonight and you can spend the 20 minutes practicing your essay writing in preparation for upcoming exams?
While it can seem foreign to be bargaining with your children, it's important to keep a few things in mind:
  1. These techniques are most beneficial when used over short periods, such as the lead up to exams and not as a complete replacement to their chores or responsibilities.
  2. Small instances of learning are great for keeping their brain active.
  3. Realistically, you were likely to give up on arguing and take the trash to the curb yourself. Why not get a learning 'win' out of it?

Tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ Can Help Your Improve Their Grades

When it comes to keeping a student's brain focused, constantly alert, and ready for new knowledge, every bit helps. These are great ways for parents to use chores which can really benefit their children. If your student needs a little more help or has trouble understanding a particular subject, speak with somebody who can help. Call The Tutoring Center, Aberdeen Township NJ today at (732) 705-3636 and book your free consultation. During your first visit, a learning professional can provide you with information on the programs available and answer any questions you have about how tutoring in Aberdeen Township, NJ can help your student reach their potential.


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