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Grammar Help: Using the Comma

We wind up this month's look at punctuation with a punctuation mark so versatile that it needs its own post- the comma. Here are the rules you should follow when applying the comma.

Commas and Lists

Commas separate groups of three or more items: "I like soccer,...

More Punctuation for Composition Help

Here are some more punctuation rules to improve your writing.

Using Colons Correctly

A colon is like saying "that is to say." Use it to introduce a series of items, as in "I brought a lot of food: sandwiches, chips, hamburgers, and hot dogs." Do not use a...

Punctuation to Help with Composition

Remember these rules of punctuation when you write.

Using Periods

A period ends a complete sentence. Question marks and exclamation points eliminate the need for a period. If your sentence ends in an abbreviation, do not add an extra period. For example, "I...
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Learning Styles

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